Configuring your Cache Warmer project

Authenticating your site.


Authenticating your site is a security precaution. It prevents malicious users from using the cache warmer to generate traffic on other people’s sites.


Authenticating your site is done by uploading a specific html file to the publicly accessible root of your project. If you site is example.com then your verification needs to be available at http://example.com/[your-verification-file.html].

You can download your verification file on your project configuration page.

Please contact your hosting provider if you have trouble uploading this file to your website.

Cache Warming


Your site’s caches will be warmed by our crawler visiting the pages of your website. In order for our crawler to behave correctly, it needs to know which pages your site contains. There are three ways of letting our crawler know your page URLs:

  1. By entering the URL to your site’s sitemap.xml.
    Many site’s already already have a sitemap.xml in place, generated by Google’s webmaster tools. You can enter the sitemap.xml in your project configuration page. The sitemap is usually located at http://example.com/sitemap.xml.
  2. By uploading a CSV file containing URLs.
    By uploading a CSV file containing a list of URLs. This is the recommended option if you wish to warm a specific set of URLs on your site. The CSV file should contain one URL per line. Your CSV file can be uploaded on your project configuration page.
  3. By using our automatic crawler.
    When option 1 and 2 are not an option for you, you can use our automatic crawler. This is a best-effort solution that will try and determine your site's URLs automatically. You can enable this option on your project configuration page.
    Configuration of query string handing is possible here (see under "Advanced" on your project configuration page).


After each cache warming action you will find a report detailing how many URLs were cache warmed and if we encountered any problems while cache warming your site. You can find the reports by using the ‘View job detail’ link on any of the cache warming jobs.


If you have a firewall that blocks repetitive requests, you will need to white-list our ip-address to use the cachewarmer. You can also recognize the requests by the user-agent, which is 'cache_warmer'.
Our IPv4 is :

Subscriptions and payment

The Cache Warmer can be used for free the first 30 days. After that you'll need a subscription. Two types of subscriptions are available:

  1. Basic subscription.
    Warm up to 50.000 pages per month. Monthly cost: 10$
  2. Professional subscription.
    Warm up to 500.000 pages per month. Monthly cost: 85$

Your remaining amount of requests is shown on each page. A request is a single page visit.
The sitemap.xml & urllist crawlers will not visit any other page than the ones provided, so you can easily calculate how many days a subscription will last with the current version of your site.
The automatic crawler will crawl all the pages of your site, including comment pages, forums, ... (anything with an unique url). This will make it a bit more difficult to determine how many request you need for your site. You can use the first 30 days to determine how many requests you'll need and to finetune the querystring parameter handling.

Providing us with feedback

We would love to hear your feedback and any feature requests that you might have! Please send us an email on support@cache-warmer.com.